About These Documents

These documents are generated from reStructuredText sources by Sphinx, a document processor specifically written for the Python documentation.

Building The Documentation

To build the keepalived documentation, you will need to have a recent version of Sphinx installed on your system. Alternatively, you could use a python virtualenv.

From the root of the repository clone, run the following command to build the documentation in HTML format:

cd keepalived-docs
make html

For PDF, you will also need docutils and various texlive-* packages for converting reStructuredText to LaTex and finally to PDF:

pip install docutils
cd keepalived-docs
make latexpdf

Alternatively, you can use the sphinx-build command that comes with the Sphinx package:

cd keepalived-docs
sphinx-build -b html . build/html


make latexpdf needs pdflatex provided by texlive-latex on RHEL6 and texlive-latex-bin-bin on Fedora21


make linkcheck to check for broken links